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One Year Anniversary: ‘Bello Ambassadors Network is Nigeria’s biggest political movement’



Thank Nigerians for supporting new Nigeria project

In commemoration of its official inauguration on February 20th at the Merit House, Abuja, last year, one of the currently leading political groups in Nigeria, the Bello Ambassadors Network, a group formed to champion the actualization of a youthful president through the governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello come 2023, has made available information about its membership strength so far and what it has been able to achieve within one year of “rigorous” activities across the 36 States.

The leadership of the group, via a statement issued to reporters in Abuja on Sunday, disclosed that the group currently has a membership strength of over 2 million Nigerians with 70 percent youth.

Upon the inauguration of BAN last year, the group had approximately 86,984 registered Nigerians within 24 hours of unveiling its website, making it to become the fastest-growing political group in the country in recent times.

The group said it had targeted a minimum of 5m registered and devoted Ambassadors by December 2021, a fit it got close to through massive support received by concerned Nigerians.

BAN set up with the main objective of creating an exploratory/outreach plan for Nigerians and taking the programs and campaigns to the doorsteps of every Nigerian, has recently toured the South East and South South regions where the people have adopted Bello as their candidate for the 2023 presidential election.

In the statement signed by its national coordinator, Hon. Anthony Edogbo, BAN noted that it has enjoyed rapid growth so far because the man it is out to market is a “sellable product”. It said people, particularly the youth, from across the 36 States are rushing to join the group because it is about Yahaya Bello, adding that the governor’s towering name is the major factor boosting the membership of the group.

It said the organization is being funded by members and volunteers across the states and has received car donations as well as office spaces across the states.

BAN which has officially inaugurated its state excos in about 16 states said governor Bello is the fittest person to help the youth actualize their dreams of taking over power which has been denied for many years. It said the organization has been able to make young Nigerians realize that their time has come and that it is now and through governor Bello.

On why it chose governor Bello, BAN made it known in the statement that Bello has all the qualities of the leader needed to fix the country, stating that the governor has religious tolerance which he displayed by building the first chapel in the Kogi State government house for Christians as well as creating peaceful co-existence among the religions in the state.

It also said that Bello is the most detribalized leader in the country as the governor’s cabinet is said to be made of several tribes in the country. It mentioned the giant strides of the governor in the area of security and education.

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