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How Yahaya Bello Increased Kogi Students Bursaries/Scholarships By 300%



How Yahaya Bello Increased Kogi Students Bursaries/Scholarships By 300%

The time appears to have come when each Nigerian student would have close to half of their necessities catered for by the government, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or location. This has already been accomplished in Kogi State, forthcoming a replication at the national level.

There are many explanations for the longing of a lot of Nigerians to have Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, as the president of the next administration. One is the grand student government assistance the government has planned for all Nigerian students through basic replication of what he has done in Kogi state.

Review that Bello arose as the governor of Kogi State in 2015. Quite soon, Ninety-Eight Million Naira was supported for the state’s student bursary practice covering the 2017/2018 scholastic period. An uncommon addition for the state’s understudies.

The governor expanded the student’s special assistance scheme (bursaries/scholarships) by 300% catering for practically the greater part of the necessities of all native students of Kogi across all institutions in the country.

Today, students of Kogi enjoy the most seamless and suitable bursary scheme across the country. The students accept their pay straightforwardly into their bank accounts at each payment period with periodical augmentations.

The student Bursary in Kogi state has kept on being on the augmentation since the 300% declared expansion as it has been redesigned.

This was not the narrative of the past. The situations of students were never felt until a youth who had only left school in a couple of years and knew about the new realities of schooling turned into the governor.

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to compliment, ahead, youthful Nigerians who ought to be in higher institutions the nation over in the trusted time of President Yahaya Bello. The delicious government assistance is preferable experienced rather than imagined. Allow everybody presently to get ready to go to class. Schooling to become enjoyable again in Nigeria.

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