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Efik Ultimate international Forum describe the Outburst of Ohanaeze on Yahaya Bello as irrational and unpatriotic



…. reiterate that Yahaya Bello was right on the Choice of best candidate for Presidency.

It is very disheartening and highly disappointed about the summation of Damian Duraiheoma on behalf of Ohanaeze Ndigbo on the stand of Alh. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State that Nigeria should rather go for the best candidate to emerge for the position of President instead of Zoning which the Group termed as Unconstitutional.

First and foremost we really want to commend the Apex Body of Ndigbo for recognizing the fact that Alh. Yahaya Bello has a date with Destiny and it is also Worthy to note that the very God that paved way for him to become the Governor of Kogi State in 2015 is still very much alive to make him the President, federal republic of Nigeria come 2023.

If we may ask where were this Ohanaeze Ndigbo when President Muhammad Buhari was contesting from the North and Rochas Okorocha Contesting from South does that mean that the agreement was not in place then or they didn’t remember to remind Rochas Okorocha, has the rotational system if respected by any party or major Actors in Nigeria politics profound the solutions to Nigeria Problems and moreover must we be talking about zoning now or we should be talking about agility, competency, vibrancy and desired leadership that the people of this country are yearning for.

According to Damian, there was an agreement in 1998 from the meeting held at National University Commission Conference Center, Abuja, we want to ask what did Ohaneze do when GEJ violated that arrangements in 2011 & 2015? We remembered Ohanaeze stood solidly and firmly behind GEJ and they argued that he had every right to contest in that general election. I want to remind you that in 1998/1999 zoning was in contention for a singular reason of the wounds created by the annulment of the june 12th 1993 presidential election by Ibrahim Babangida military regime when Moshood Abiola was coasting to victory, that was use to pacify the Southwest zone for the political incarceration of their son and in 1999 when Nigeria returned to democratic rule, zoning political offices, particularly the presidency has never been respected by the country politicians. The likes of our political gladiators such as President Buhari, Rochas Okorocha ,late Abubakar Rimi, late Ojukwu, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Alex Ekwume, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo and many others have never believed in party zoning but always stand with the supremacy of Nigeria Constitution which have made them major actors since 1999 to date and as concerns citizens, we’ve taken our time to examine once again the 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended, we’ve been unable to locate where zoning of Presidency is scripted in the Constitution.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo should be rational enough to know that such agreement was a selfish and gentleman agreement then or we challenged them to show us the sections or sub-sections of the Constitution that stipulates the rotational system of Presidency and it is also Worthy to note that the so called agreement was made by a political party outside other political party thereby calling this there agitation null and void.

As far as we’re concerned having under study the political prowress of Alh. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, his Charismatic, detribalized, Egalitarian, Pragmatic Leadership Qualities, above all his policies of all inclusive governance has made well meaning Nigerians who desire a united, progressive, better and greater Nigeria to call on him to contest for President.

We beseech the Ohanaeze Ndigbo group to join other well meaning Nigerians that are calling on Alh. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to run for the office of the President, federal Republic of Nigeria in order for him to salvage this Country from all forms of stagnation, disunity, insecurity, socio-economic Problem, segregation, and every other things that hinder the progress of Nigeria.

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