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2023 PRESIDENCY: The Nigerian Youths’ Perspectives And The Need To Push Yahaya Bello – Abraham Jacob



Recently in Nigeria, one can convincingly say that judging from the situations surrounding the political atmosphere in the country, Youths have opened their eyes to reality and have finally decided to take part in every Political Leadership Responsibilities by being actively involved in the democratic decision making processes.

The Nigerian Youths have come to realise that the popular axiom of Youths being the leaders of tomorrow is more of an undisclosed professional robbery method for which they are being robbed of their chances to grab Political power both from the Local to the State and down the Federal Government level by the 60s and 70 plus generations in Nigeria.

It is unfortunate that what has been happening in the Political Leadership space of Nigeria is old wine in new bottles yet no change in taste and this has kept the country in a situation that can be best described as “No Movement on Motion”. A state that has birthed nothing new and nothing different from what has already been in existence.

This situation has kept the Nigerian Youths worried that they have taken to the streets to protest for a drastic positive change. They have Protested against Insecurity of lives and properties, against bad leadership, against Police Force Brutality and against so many more saddened situations.

Unknown to many but known to few, the best way to get these things fixed and get the country working as it should work is to seek for a total change in wine and not the bottle; a shift from the old to the new generation.., a deliberate diversion from rallying round the generation of the 60s and 70s because of their inabilities to drive us into the country of our dream and weigh support behind the Youths who have gathered leadership experiences and can be generally certified as tested and trusted in the capacities that they have served.

In doing this, there becomes the need to look far beyond sentiments, Political, Religious and Ethnic differences while we shop for the very best material to field as the candidate of the Youths especially as we draw closer to the 2023 Presidential Election.

The search for a Youth to lead the just course of the Nigerian Youths into taking charge of Political Leadership Responsibilities and being key players of the democratic decision making processes of Nigeria, will bring us closer into looking at the direction of the youngest two term serving governor in Nigeria who has in the last five years in power, showed fearlessness, courage, strength and passion in the delivery of dividends of democracy and good governance for all in his State particularly with reference to the preferential roles he has carefully given to the Women and Youth as 95% part of the policy makers in his administration in the State.

This Youthful governor is His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State. Although, there is no doubt that some persons will have their reservations for or against this young man but one thing that cannot be compromised is his abilities to always be responsive to his Responsibilities as the Chief Security Officer of his State. His ability to courageously stand in defense of his people.

Yahaya Bello being the youngest amongst the top Political bigwigs in Nigeria is one of the very few who have fallen victim of media under reportage and expensive Political blackmailing in the hands of those who hate the fact that at his age – 45, he is serving a second term as the executive governor of Kogi State.

The fight against Yahaya Bello started when he mysteriously emerged Governor of Kogi State at the age of 40-41 and the first thing he did was to swing actions into the screening of the Kogi State Civil Service System; Civil Service Reform, and flushed away every form of crooked employments, fraudulent activities and wiped away the names of ghost workers from the system. Although, this process passed through series of frustrations from those who were obviously feeding fat from the hidden corruption in the civil service system; a situation where an individual will be receiving a salary of over 5-7 persons who are either dead or never in existence, people whose credentials did not meet up to the position of their levels. Hence, creating stagnation in the system and hindering those on merit from being employed, people who forged certificates to gain employments, people who forged their age, people whose employment came as a reward for their support over a candidate regardless of the ingenuity of their credentials etc.

This period was in no doubt a tough one but at the end, the Yahaya Bello’s administration conquered and ensured that all bad eggs were flushed from the system and the Government right till this very moment is not owing any legitimate state worker a dime. However, those who once benefited from the corrupt system has since the period of the screening exercise, declared themselves enemies of the Yahaya Bello’s administration. This action took a lot of courage to be manifested and only a courageous man could achieve it regardless of side comments.

It becomes so unfortunate that such a young man fell victim of media propagandists who failed to be objective in their analysis of things with facts and figures.

They have refused to judge Bello in terms of his excellent performances in Agriculture; establishment of Omi Rice Mill, distribution of tractors and other farming equipments to Farmers, Education; Establishment of Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, Construction and Rehabilitation of Primary and Secondary Schools in the state, the end to the annual Strike of Academic Staff Union of Universities and Polytechnics in the State Institutions, Health ongoing construction of world-class Reference Hospital,Okene, Ongoing construction of general hospitals in Ajaokuta LGA, Kotor Karfe LGA, Yagba East LGA etc, Youth and Women empowerment and Inclusiveness in governance and Policy making matters, Financial Accountability and Transparency; a period analysis his administration persons through the office of the Commissioner for Finance, Budgets and Economic Planning, his firm grip on the security architecture of the State and increase infrastructural developments projects in the state; Road constructions across the three Senatorial Districts etc.

The only thing you will hear an average person talk down against the youngest governor is that he is not paying workers their salaries and this in all honesty is nothing but a bandwagon of lies. No genuine Kogi State worker is owed a dime. In fact, findings have shown that the screening exercise helped the State Government to save billions of naira.

The courage running through the youthfulness of Yahaya Bello singled him out as the lone voice that kicked totally against the Corona virus drama in Nigeria and till this very moment, Kogi State is the only state without a case of Covid-19 even though a good numbers of Kogites have gone to NYSC orientation camps, went for the just concluded National Sports Festival in Edo State, none of Kogi State citizens who were all tested during these programs were found positive of this virus.

Bello in several occasions has advised the Federal Government to instead pumping funds to the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines, it should rather divert those funds into our healthcare centres. It takes only a courage youthful mind to dare make this stance on national issues.

If truly Nigerian Youths have realised the need for their full participation in politics by being actively involved in decision making processes, then the need to field Yahaya Bello for Presidency come 2023 as the voice of the Youths becomes the only alternative. This is because Yahaya Bello is no novice in the game of Politics in the country, he understands the intrigues tied around the Nigeria Political atmosphere. He stands the better chance to speak for Nigerians.

Looking at Nigeria today, one will be forced to ask if the centre is holding because from the Eastern part of the country you will hear agitation for a Biafra Nation, you go to the South Western part you will also hear of agitation for the Oduduwa Nation. The unity that bonds the country together seems to be dividing against itself and the only way to prevent this from happening is to have a Unifier as a Leader. One who is not seen in actions and in words to be fanning the ember of disintegration. One who is not perceived by either the North, East and West to be their respective enemies.

Kogi State can be best described as a micro Nigeria because it shares a great features of what Nigeria is; a Country with diverse ethnic, religious, Political groups. Yet Yahaya Bello has been able to unite all together under the umbrella of what is popularly known in Kogi State as EBIGO.

In fact, Yahaya Bello is the only Muslim in the midst of the top 6 Government Functionaries in the State; Governor Muslim, Deputy Governor Christian, Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly Christian, SSG Christian, Head of Service Christian, Chief Judge Christian; in all of this, unity is shown and acted upon.

It therefore becomes imperative that the Nigerian Youths who seek to take over Political Affairs of this country must call upon Yahaya Bello to join the race to contest as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and consequent upon his heed to the call, women and Youths owns 65-70% of the voters strength in the country should rally support round him and without fear and favour in a free contest at the poll the assurance that Bello will emerge President becomes non-negotiable.

Youths of early twenties are executive aides of Yahaya Bello in Kogi State and they are performing excellently well giving more kudos to the need for more Youths to be brought on board to serve. Should Bello be given the chance to lead the country we can be rest assured that as Youths, NIGERIA will become the home of our dreams and it will reclaim its title as the giant of Africa.

If we must move in motion then we must do the right thing by fronting a youthful figure as the mouthpiece and candidate of the Nigerian Youths in the next coming Presidential Election in Nigeria. The time is now.

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