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GYB @46: My Amiable Siamese Twin – Onoja



On the occasion of your 46th birthday, I stand in testimony of God’s awesomeness in your life. I stand proud in witness to our 18 years of unbroken brotherhood, friendship and unalloyed service to humanity. Since our path crossed in 2003 in the city of Makurdi Benue state, I have come to see you as a man with an unwavering courage and character, a man whose word is his bond, a man of unrelenting pursuit and a man baked in divine destiny.

My dear Brother, Friend and Boss,

You are a gift to humanity, I stand in testimony of your large heart and unmitigated love for everyone regardless of class, creed and tribe. My desire is to continue to stand in stoic witness of your fulfilment on the elevated podium of life.

Come your 48th birthday, we shall again gather in joy to celebrate our milestones on mother earth on higher platforms of Service to our fatherland in fulfillment of our collective destinies.

Our prayer today and into the bright future is may the the entire nation experience the safety and security our state is divinely witnessing from the global menace of pandemics and insecurity.

As you celebrate this added cap I wish you an overflow of the 7 Spirits of God Almighty which are:
Spirit of the Lord,
The fear of the Lord,
Might, Understanding, Wisdom,
Counsel and Knowledge.

Happy 46th birthday my leader.

Chief Edward David Onoja (CIK)
Olimene Attah Igala

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