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2023: Underrate GYB at your peril – South West APC leader



In a contemporary and real way of politicking, timely preparation and drawing out robust and workable stratagem is central to an efficacious outing. And for any strategic and focused prospective aspirant, kick-starting permutations, alignments and realignments ahead of the 2023 general election isn’t too early.

Though, many have since been busy working towards a successful outing in the upcoming election, some are political jokers, some attention seekers, but one man that seems to be very serious, focused, strategic, and determined is the present Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello.

In fact, Governor Bello has never officially indicated interest to contest for the president of Nigeria throughout his overwhelming and awe-inspiring political engagements and interface with various personalities and groups across the country. But certainly, the outpouring and torrent of calls by political bigwigs, religious and traditional leaders, youths and women groups, artisans and various organisations for Governor Yahaya Bello to throw his golden and indomitable hat into the “Presidential Ring” in 2023 underscore the fact the GYB is the jewel in the crown among the prospective politicians eyeing the presidency.

For many who probably aren’t watching the man closely and keenly, he might be underrated ignorantly but for me and the majority of Nigerians, apart from being lucidly and convincingly capable, GYB (as he is fondly called) is the most underrated influential leader and unmatchable political maestro who can get this country off the woods and move it to enviable heights if given the chance in 2023.

You underrate GYB at your own peril as the man has gone beyond the political telescope people are using in viewing him and his fast growing and intimidating political popularity. GYB, looking closely at the prevailing politics in the nation, is gradually fitting himself and his unwavering political trademark firmly in the complex Nigeria’s political firmament which will certainly make him a presidential candidate to beat in the 2023 election.

It’s an undeniable truth that the most valuable asset to any serious and genuine politician is having a sturdy backing by the middle of the road. Thus, democracy is widely described as the game of numbers and anybody, who eventually becomes the popular candidate of the people, stands the chance of winning in any contest provided that the rule of the game is duly followed and adhered to by all actors.

For GYB, he has seemingly got the major asset to successfully not only run but emerge the next president of Nigeria. He is becoming more popular in recent times because of his purposeful leadership. Indeed, building sky scrapers in Kogi state is not only the yardstick to determine whether a government is functioning optimally or not, but the ability of a leader to provide means of livelihood to the citizens and creating conducive atmosphere for businesses to flourish is an undergird for growth and development.

Today in Kogi state, GYB has not only liberated his people by giving them a sense of belonging but he has equally ensured that the decrepit infrastructure in the state are now in good condition for the use of the citizens, and the state is wearing a new look. Beyond providing dividends of democracy, one virtue that even the ardent critics of Yahaya Bello will never contest is his ability to combine emotional intelligence with education, which obviously, many contemporary political leaders lack.

Equally, political observers also opine that GYB’s ability to always stand firm on issues regarding the masses is another quality that stands him out as a true leader that Nigerians desire to steer the affairs of the country as the nation is running towards another round of elections in 2023.

Kogi state was known for its tribal, religious, and communal conflicts before the coming of Governor Bello, especially the Igala and Ebira clashes, among others. But today, with his dexterity and leadership acumen, he has collapsed all the walls of differences, divisions and conspiracy to have one and united Kogi state amidst diversity.

In Kogi state, security of lives and property is the front burner and the main concern of the government. In spite of the glaring panic in the world over the Covid-19 pandemic, the conspiracy and politics brought into play by some of the governors are more perturbing and nerve-racking than the pandemic itself.

The barefaced reality is that, even before the abrupt advent of Covid-19, Nigerian citizens have been dealing with different monsters; kidnappings, ethno-religious crisis, banditry, corruption, youths’ idleness, decayed infrastructure, among others, all caused by bad governance – and statistically the number of lives lost on our bad roads and prevailing criminalities orchestrated in the land is higher than conspicuously the uplifted number of deaths by the Covid-19. Therefore, GYB has chosen to secure Kogites than to lockdown.

No wonder, people and groups keep calling on GYB to contest. They include: former President Obasanjo, 36 state houses of assembly speakers/principals members, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Arewa Youth Forum, among others. The atmosphere is becoming more saturated in support for Yahaya Bello for President and as Nigerians are yearning for a younger, stronger and vibrant president, GYB 2023 is becoming a reality.

Though, he hasn’t officially declared his interest to contest, but we believe GYB will respond to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians in the affirmative when the time comes and the possibility of his emerging the APC’s flag bearer and subsequently the President of Nigeria is pretty sure by God’s grace.

Dr Patrick writes from Lagos

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