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Gov. Yahaya Bello’s EbIgO Acceptability; A Precidential litmus for the unifier project



By Phanisy GCFR.

The Word “Unity” has taken a center stage in comtempory politics of Nigeria. Reason are not far fetched from internal grumblings and suspicion amongst the various ethnic groups of Nigeria. In the midst of all the national concerns about the future of Nigeria, lessons must be taken from the Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello Leadership Experience in kogi state.

Wondering why kogites have in their masses embraced the Unifier mantra of his excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.this is due to the successes recorded in the practicability of the Ebigo Mantra that has kept kogite united since the inception of the government of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello popularly known as the New Direction government.

Kogi state before the coming of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello used to be a state polarized across ethno-tribal & Religious line in some cases. This used to be the scenario almost ever since kogi state was carved out from the old Kwara state up till recently when fate and destiny brought governor Yahaya Adoza Bello into power & subsequently through the ballots for the second term running.

Governor Yahaya Bello came in and on the Ebigo Mantra, several wrongs were corrected amongst which are the equitable and fair sharing of political dividends and positions, even the civil service was not left out as it was purged of the usually favoritism cum tribal model of attaining the positions of directors and permanent secretaries. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has been able to stabilize and striked balance in who gets what according to the merits and principles that guides the various sector of the state civil service which were not hitherto in existence before now.

Political appointments under the Ebigo Mantra were shared fairly with all zones of the state properly carried along with mutual trust and solid confidence amongst the various ethno-tribal settings of the state.

In kogi state today, the level of trust and belief in Governor Yahaya Bello majorly has its underlying pinnings in the Ebigo Mantra which have so far being sustained in both the civil service & the broader political space.

Nigerians at large needs to buy the Unifier project as it offers to Nigerians what the Ebigo project has offered and will continue to offer kogites. What has it offered kogites? Trust, fairness, Equity and an hope for power to shift equitable amongst the various ethno-tribal groups in kogi state one after the other without an iota of suspicion amongst the proponents. Governor Yahaya Bello is a man known for his words, this he has consistently shown by honouring all sorts of promises & commitments to kogites before and even after the polls. The idea of having women as council vice chairpersons and even the 30 percent councillorship affirmation were promises made before his election for the second term running. All these he ensured came to pass through his persuative nature to his political party on the need to cede the various positions to women. This was replicated across the 21 LGAs of Kogi State.

Kogi State is a smaller frame of the bigger picture, if the Ebigo Mantra can be accepted and sustained in kogi state, then the Unifier project of a new Nigeria is possible. For myself and some other like minds that supported His excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello from the western Senatorial District of Kogi state, we supported not because we have ancestral links with the Ebira man or because our placentas were planted in Agassa, We supported because we believe he will hand over power to ensure the smooth transmission into the next component of the Ebigo picture, We supported because we believe he has over time stood by his words and the shortest possible means of a western Governor in the state. We supported because we believe age long suspicion amongst all tribes in the state has been permanently buried. We supported and mobilized because we believe he will never betray all socio-political contracts he rode on to power with.

That aside, kogi state is a smaller picture of the bigger Nigeria as we share almost same ethno-tribal political landscape where everyone believes power should be rotated so that development can go round the whole branches forming the whole. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has over time proven that charity truely begins at home. This he has consistently showed in his ways of ensuring justice and fairness amongst all ethnic groups in kogi state.

With him, a new Nigeria is possible as he has overtime mastered the act of bringing together people of different diversities internally and ensuring there is no room for marginalization complains at every settings be it political or in the enlarged society.

The practicability of the Concept of Ebigo has shown that the Unifier concept is possible in the national space. Let’s put all current drums of war and division and focus more on making efforts to unify the entire country as this I believe is the major perquisite for a peaceful co-existence amongst Nigerians. If we kogites can believe and trust in Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, why can’t Nigerians give him the chance to play the role of a “UNIFIER”.

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