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Restructuring: Gov. Bello counsel stakeholders against incitement



Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has urged that the several calls for restructuring although welcomed, should be properly defined within the right context and not be made look like a fight with the Federal Government.

He cautioned leaders in the country to restrain from certain statements particularly in public which had the tendency of undermining the unity of the nation

The Governor made this known on Friday while attending to questions of national interests on Channels TV, Politics Today.

Governor Bello pointed out that President Buhari believes in restructuring and has taken conspicuous efforts to express his position particularly through various Executive Orders on Local Government, Legislative and Judicial autonomy which many have refused to implement in their respective states

On the persistent Farmer-Herder crisis in some parts of the country, he noted that there were several programmes initiated by the Federal Government; one of such was the National livestock initiative but criticisms from all quarters and politicization derailed its implementation

He added that in Kogi State, he was the first to prepare land for the take off of the programe because he believed that the ranching programme would proffer a lasting solution to the insistent herder-farmer crisis while he noted that leaders at one point or the other have betrayed the trust reposed on them by the people who have elected while many have refused to be accountable to the people

The Governor asserted that open grazing, although outdated has not been banned in Kogi state because the Fulanis and other persons into cow business were also part of the country and hence his leadership has been able to manage co existence of farmers and herders by ensuring that they are properly incorporated in the government

Governor Bello referenced that the call for a national dialogue was commendable, but that we had our National Assemblies with members elected to represent the interests of their people who could take on past documents of similar clime, deliberate and make their submissions

He advised that at various levels, whatever calls were being made on the federal government as ills of its administration, the state governors should ensure they practiced such within their respective quarters.

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