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The Birthday of Hon. Isaac Abbah KG A Potter in Ibaji Political Making



In every nation, religion and ethnicity, there exists sharpeners, molders and radars for her rising. It’s not of self supremacy but of divine orchestration in the history formation of a people. A testimony that in the scheme of divinity in propelling the affairs of men, hon. Isaac Abbah kG is critical.

In various capacities where you reigned at the helm of affairs, our loving ancestral land was watered with rains of blessings to grow our crops that make us relatively independent and not with blood that cries for vengeance. Our values as a people is exemplary and our thin diversities made blunt by your beautiful leadership. Your humility is a hallmark and your push for a collective need is inspiring. These are qualities divinely instilled to move humanity to the next level as a role in your generation.

You foretold of the generational swap in leadership and invested all necessities to see it real. You are visionary, a father with clear insight and a leader with inspiring leadership acumen. You are a blessing that blends all the good sides that bind us as beautiful fulfilling people to a blazing growth. In the template of time, a special temple is build in your memory.

As we overwhelmingly celebrate fulfilling time spent with you in leadership, we pray for more impacting opportunities for a blessing spread to the younger generation.

_Happy birthday an icon of humanity._

Okwute john
Writes from Akwuro

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