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The Undemocratic Conduct of Local Government Elections in Nigeria by State Governors in Connivance With Yes-men State Assembly Members




By High Chief Peter Ameh
National Secretary Opposition Coalition CUPP

*Local Government election is the greatest ELECTORAL fraud foisted on our electoral Democracy*

Section 197 (1) Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides that there shall be established for each state of the Federation the following bodies, namely: State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) & others, but the governors whom I call emperors have not allowed them to have free hand to perform their constitutional functions as captured in Third Schedule, Part II, State Executive Bodies – B(4) the state Independent Commission shall have power to Organize, undertake and supervise all elections to Local Government Councils within the State.

I have been disturbed for years that the failure of State Independent Electoral Commissions to perform her functions has contravened section 7(1) of 1999 Constitution (as amended) which says “The system of Local Government by democratically elected Local Government Councils is under this constitution guaranteed” because of the clause that gives powers to the state assemblies to make laws that will determine the conduct of locaal goverment elections has lead to State Government appointing Caretaker/Interim Management Committees Members in the 774 Local Government Councils since May, 2002 to date.
I am further worried that several Supreme Court judgments voiding the powers of State Governments to dissolve democratically elected Local Government Councils (Chairman and Councilors) – *ABIA STATE GOVERNMENT vs 17 LGAs of ABIA STATE (2017) and EKITI STATE GOVERNMENT vs 16 LGAs OF EKITI STATE (2019),* have been observed in breach thereby threatening the continued survival of our democratic exercise now in its almost 22 years anniversary.

I also also feel very concerned that not minding the Supreme Court judgment in *A.G. Federation vs A.G ABIA STATE & 35ORS (2002),* which held that Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is not a State in Section 3(1), nor the Six (6) Area Councils Local Government Councils in a state as in Section 3(6) of 1999 Constitution (as amended), Independent National electoral Commission (INEC) have been conducting Area Councils election in FCT and if you go through the past election results you see the rainbow ???? colour for all Participating Political Parties… is possible for other Parties to win Local Government elections if it is conducted under the right conditions…Free, fair and credible electoral atmosphere.

We can not continue with this charade called elections because that is why we now have MORIBUND local Government coucils in Nigeria, There is no need deceiving ourselves by calling the charades elections. It is rather selections and the governors should stop wasting tax payers monies conducting such.

If we cannot have free and fair elections at the LGA level, they rather adopt the selection method and save our funds and put it into more productive use like road construction, Schools and Hospitals.

Just select your prefered candidates then annouce winners and stop wasting taxpayers money. We go still accept the outcome of the process. We no get choice

Amendment for the Local Government administration and elections laws can not be handled that easily because you need 2/3 of the State assemblies to endorse such ammendments even if passed by the National Assembly and with the State assemblies practically in the pockets of the state Governors, it will not pass the approval test.

*Local Government election is food for the boys of the Governor. it is the affirmation of the governors will and power.*

Na who dem approve dey win and na only the Party way the govern the state the fit win for local government elections.

Tinubu 4 don lose Lagos since if we have free local Government election system in Nigeria.

*We must place our focus on State to take over State assemblies or do something legally that can free the Local Government elections from the whims and caprices of the state emperors.

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