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Yahaya Bello: Reordering the Nigerian political “Order”



Nigerian political order seems to be perpetually synchronized to revolve round the privileged ones and its privileges recircled among the elites, the old and those who have no keenest of idea of what politics entails.

The advent of politics in Nigeria like any other country in the world brought its own strains and challenges. It is however sad to note that Nigerian politics appear not have been tailored to solve the peculiar problems of Nigerians, thus politics in Nigeria has become a meal ticket and conduit to amass wealth while the masses wallow in penury and abject poverty. This is not to even draw our attention to the fact that the majority of Nigerians are politically ostracized simply because they do not belong to the “majority ethnic groups”.

There is no mincing of words that any good political observer will feel a personal sorrow that political order in Nigeria is designed to kill dreams, cause segregation, spite the masses and disdain the cardinal principle of politics which is largely to seek the interest of the populace. It is only in Nigerian politics where the youths are seen as weapons of destruction instead of instrument for nation building.

The primary and fundamental duty of the head of government is to protect the lives and properties of the people. This duty is nondelegable. This sacred duty seems to be alien to the political order in Nigeria. This is the reason we often have a harvest of cadavers from insecurity while the government appears disoriented.

There can never be a night time without a day time. The paradigm shift from every distasteful status quo always rests on the shoulder of anyone who is courageous enough to take the bull by the horns; Governor Yahaya Bello is a leader who will never hesitate to take the bulls by the horns. If you want to know what it is means to be courageous in pursuit of justice, equity and fairness, look at Governor Yahaya Bello: an embodiment of courage.

In one of the interactions with Governor Yahaya Bello, he emphatically maintained that politics is not meant for those who see it as a merchandize and politics should be a service to the people. This is the line he has been towing since he found himself in active politics and his emergence as a political leader. He often lay emphasis on competence instead of political patronage. This is a sui generis of a political paradigm shift and political reordering emerging in the Nigerian political arena.

The political dexterity of Governor Yahaya Bello to infuse governance amongst divergence rays of political spectrum is second to none. He effortlessly achieved this feat for his ability to inject political inclusiveness in spite of the political complexity and polarization.

The Nigerian political space has never witnessed a daunting and audacious political avalanche from any sitting Governor like that coming from Governor Yahaya Bello. This is based on the proven fact that he has tread where the angels fear to tread. He has dared what political Spartacus dread to dare and his heart never failed him. He is simply not a wimp in the political warfare and he is ready to salvage the Nigerian politics from decadence.

Written by
Barr Shadrach Emmanuel, FICMC

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