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Why the need for an open session with Mr President



When a family is collapsing from within it calls for the heads of the family to intercede to bring back calmness, order & reinforce its unity.

One of Nigerians main problem with PMB & the APC Govt is its Aloofness & Perception of a Lack of Empathy for the Plight of Nigerians.

At this most Critical Juncture in our Country’s History, it calls for a True Leader and Father of the Nation to have Open and Honests Discussions with Nigerians; the results of which if taken seriously, are likely to have far more positive impacts resulting in real fundamental changes.

Nigerians will be best served with a Series of Town Hall Meetings across the 6 zones of the country with Mr President where Nigerians will be able to ask him some very Pertinent and Pressing Questions; Virtually & in person, and get Honest, Straight Answers from our Oga Patapata.

Those handling PMB’s media & Govt’s image, have tried their best but their various utterances have not served him well. Its time for PMB to Engage Directly with Nigerians to stem the tide of Misinfirmation, Misconception and show Nigerians he is a True Leader for all Nigerians

Femi Oke

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