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The Truth: Hon. Adebayo’s death, the blame game, GYB’s efforts in curbing insecurity



By Opeyemi David.

A lot of times, our approach to solving problems is merely a symptomatic treatment of the issues. That is to say , we spend much efforts in addressing the symptoms, instead spending the bulk of our times and resources in addressing the base of the problem or issues.

It is very disheartening and painful that Alh. Yahaya Bello led Administration and Kogi State government suffered and lost one of his cabinet member to an ugly situations in Kwara State of Nigeria due to an insecurity in this part of the Nation.

It is no doubt that Nigeria is vulnerable to banditry, kidnapping and other forms of social vices for the past few months and some of our leaders especially our Governors with huge security votes don’t want to rise up to the present challenges rather always crying on air and run to Abuja for no reason but the best reasons known to them at the detriment of exposing their citizens to more harms and danger.

Few days ago, Kogi State government lost Hon. Chief Solomon Adebayo at Eruku Village in Kwara State of Nigeria and I also heard that the whereabout of a local government Chairman is not ascertain yet due to the vulnerability of the environment to an insecurity, the news making around the social media is that the man died in Kogi State.

As a patriotic citizen and as a Kwara born and brought up person, I will not live to Cede my land to another people just because something bad happened here instead of us to blame ourselves as a state and people then enquire on how this man has been managing the security issues in his State despite the geographical location of Kogi State sharing borders to over ten states between the north, east, south and western part of the Country yet GYB as he’s fondly called has proved his security prowess in all Ramifications displaying his security arsenal to deal with all forms of security challenges in his State Decisively.

I want to remind us that gun don’t kill people, people kill people, good deeds don’t hide it’s people that condemn, animals don’t betrayed humans, humans betrayed animals and themselves and for this reason, let’s learn, practice and emulate GYB Security tactics.

GYB, the Kogi State Governor is a Leader that we all respect for his political Sagacity, Egalitarian Leadership qualities, fearless, an advocate of Unity, Peace and Progress of Nigeria, a man who has Proved to the whole world that truth can be said even if you’re inside the lion’s den, a detribalised, Vocal, Eloquent, Friendly, Pragmatic, Charismatic, Energetic, Focused, Youthful and God fearing Leader and some of us outside Kogi State Even some of our friends and relatives outside Nigeria could testify to all this qualities of GYB.

I Pray that Almighty God will continue to Strengthen him, guide him, Protect him, grant him more wisdom, grant his heart desires and may God Almighty continue to answer all his secret and open prayers.

I want to use this avenue to commiserate with GYB and Kogi State Government over the loss of this gentle, humane and kindhearted Man who as a Nigerian came to Kwara State for a Program but lost his life as a victim of circumference and I pray that may God forgive all his Shortcomings and grant him eternal rest, may God give the entire families and Kogi State government the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss, I pray that Almighty God will guide and bring back the Chairman of the local government safely to his people in Jesus name Amen.

At this juncture, I want to use this avenue to enjoin our various State Governors to Emulate Alh. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, bury your Pride, let’s draw (GYB) him closer to all Nigerians, tap from his experience and stop the blame games in Nigeria in terms of insecurity and I believe with him (GYB), Security of lives and properties in your various States and Nigeria which you all sworn to will be Enhanced.

Mr. Opeyemi David.
Write from Kwara State.

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