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Just In: If it were Atiku, Mbaka will be rewarded here on earth – Haruspice



Clergymen who openly supported Atiku were earthly venerated and rewarded – in fact, they cruised around on Atiku’s jet and went to Ota to beg Obasanjo. A Mbaka deserves a celestial throne in the government of Buhari- he didn’t just predict Buhari’s victory, he cried on the altar begging God to guide and protect Buhari. No matter his outburst which I consider as tactical survival strategy against the unknown gunmen in the East, he deserves no scorn that has been poured on him.

I am an unapologetic Buharist but I distance myself from the needless onslaught against Father Mbaka – a revered and venerable priest whose prophetic predictions remain potent and scientific. If I were Boss Mustapha, the coordinating ombudsman of government, I won’t even allow the priest to ask for contract, I would have taken contracts to him. He is not just a friend of the government, he worked hard to bring the government to power- such a man deserves a place in Aso Rock. Marketing Buhari in Igboland was akin to a pastor preaching in the mosque – it was a difficult task but Father Mbaka pulled that through!

I stand with venerable Father Mbaka!
Stoically musing

– Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice

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