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Success will Embrace you only if you chase Success – Hafsah Isah



Growing up is not all about being a year older it’s actually being a year wiser, smarter,prettier ,richer, and Most especially Better in all aspects of your life

My brother/sister if you are still worrying yourself with the likes you get in every post on social media, then truth be told “You Lack vision”

Success will Embrace you only if you chase Success.

Time awaits no one my dear friends, why not invent new things or make this world a better place for you instead of wasting every second of your life on frivolities?

Although I am not an exception, but I have indeed amended because I have focus!

So, I have found my turning point, a point where I chose the most difficult path in life just to learn the basics of life and come out with positive achievements …????

Just so you know, every day brings us closer to our death ????
Right your wrongs while you still can.


I hope you find your turning point after reading the above. ✌

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SigningOut: ✒

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