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Governor Yahaya Bello And Security: The President We Want – GYB2PYB Ebonyi State



Security of lives and property are the primary duty of every leader who truly have the interest of his people at heart.

In the past, Kogi State was reputed one of the criminal hideouts in Nigeria as a result of insecurity of great magnitude!

Obviously, people are now asking to know the secret of mass acceptance of Governor Yahaya Bello, the youngest and most gender-friendly Governor in Nigeria!

The is simple. Governor Yahaya Bello gives premium attention to SECURITY.

According to the South African White Paper on defence 1996, “Security is an all-encompassing condition in which individual citizen lives in freedom, peace and safety, participate fully in the process of governance, enjoy the protection and fundamental Rights, have access to resources and basic necessities of life; and inhabit an environment which is not detrimental to their health and well-being.”

Today, Governor Yahaya Bello as the most active youthful and gender-friendly Governor in Nigeria, has done well in ensuring that security of lives and property receive the attention it deserves!

Immediately His Excellency assumed office, the issues of insecurity and youth unemployment became a thing of the past; as he swung into action using the best crime control measures.

No wonder, Salem University that ranks number one among universities that produce capable criminologists and criminal justice experts is located in Kogi State!

Undoubtedly, Governor Yahaya Bello understands the importance of crime control using Social Development and not just applying reactive measures or brigadier approach that only produce little or no results!

At the moment, Nigeria in its entirety are in search of a detribalized and youthful leader, who understands the intricacies surrounding 21st century leadership, where the youth are given equal developmental opportunities, to participate actively in governance and socio-economic development.

As we intensify efforts in search of a leader who will fix Nigeria, may we thank God that Governor Yahaya Bello, the captain of the Confluence State is most ready and willing to answer the clarion call of Nigerian youth to lead us to our long awaited destination….where SECURITY, equal developmental opportunities, massive youth employment and national integration are guaranteed!

The Youth believe that if Governor Yahaya Bello becomes the President, come 2023, he will replicate his good governance model, especially in areas of SECURITY of lives and property, gender inclusion, national integration, youth development and employment among other things…

In Kogi state today, you’ll not hear of: BANDITS, Kidnapping, Herdsmen attacks, armed robbery and other social vices that truncate sustainable peace and development!!!!

Think a better Nigeria! Think Yahaya Bello!! Think peace and security!!!

Amb. Aligwe Sampson O.
State Coordinator,
GYB2PYB, Ebonyi State Chapter.

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