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Sen. Enyinaya Abaribe; the cankerworm and an Aberration in Nigeria unity project



Sen. Enyinaya Abaribe

By Victor Dan

As Nigerians are agitating and clamouring for a leader who will be elected for the development, safety and unity of this country come 2023, we’re not suprise that there will be an agent of devil that will try to destabilize the efforts of the good people of this country.

As good citizens of Nigeria who’s also prepared to welcome any development of such ugly situations, we’ve identify one of the enemy of this country in disguise and we want to use this platform to ask him some questions which he may decline to answer even if he knows all the answers.

Sen. Abaribe, have you told us what led to your 2 times impeachment in year 2000 while serving as deputy governor and you broke the record of being impeached for the third time in year 2003, just between may 29th, 1999 – march 7th, 2003, you’ve been impeached for the record of three times, honestly I’m ashamed of Abia people and instead of you to hide and burried your face in shame just because you’re an opportunist to be voted as a Senator, you open your wide mouth to castigate the government of Kogi State under the leadership of a man who has placed Kogi State among the comity of state, a man that’s a skill organizer of men, a fearless commander, a dynamic and Visionary Leader, a personality with Optimism, a purposeful leader and results oriented Leader, a man whose words are wealth imbedded in the wisdom of an extra ordinary man, a man who has the ability, zeal, key and political will to unite the people of Nigeria to bring back the lost glory of this Nation (Nigeria) His Excellency Alh Yahaya Adoza Bello Executive Governor, Kogi State.

You’re calling a man who has subdue and conquer the level of insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, Nepotism and all other social vices in Kogi State a name that your forefathers can not contend with, this is a man that’s most respected both Locally and internationally, Abaribe where were you when GYB was decorated as the most security conscious governor in Nigeria?, Abariba where were you when investors are running to Kogi State to invest after there investigation that Kogi State is the most safer State in Nigeria ? This and many more questions we demands an answer from you about GYB and Kogi State.

Abaribe thank God you’re in a country where mercy and favor speaks even to a criminal and terrorist like you, we understand your fear that if the good of Nigeria that are calling on GYB to contest for Presidency voted him as president come 2023, you’re going back to the jail because of your shadow and undemocratic deals with a terrorist Nnamdi Kanu whom you served as one of his sureties in 2018.

Enyinaya Harcourt Abaribe, we warn you, mind the way you address GYB a God sent leader who’ll salvage this country from the shackles of devil like you and God’s willing come 2023, you and your cohort cannot stop the train of GYB moving.

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