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Fanisi Babatunde Appreciates Kogi Deputy Governor for PHD scholarship




I am Fanisi temitope Babatunde from *Yagba East* LGA in the western Senatorial District of kogi state, Nigeria and friend to His Excellency Chief Edward David Onoja, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State who is from the *Eastern senatorial* district of Kogi State.

In my several years of existence on Earth, I have never seen such a distribalized personality in the surface of the earth.

Just like his Boss, H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, they have both continued to prove consistently that kogi actually belongs to all regardless of tribes, age and religion.

H.E Chief Edward David Onoja is not a typical Nigerian Politician whose template is to use youths like a piece of tissue paper and dump subsequently afterwards as he identifies the potentials in you, sharpen you, get you close to rough edges and build your capacity towards preparing you for the birth of another crop of Leadership and turn you into another capacity builder.

Capacity building today globally is the only tool towards a sustainable development and nations who are doing well today are those that had hitherto prepared for the current questions that nature is currently asking yesterday.

While thinking about how to Brushen up my skills & Extend my knowledge towards the ending of 2020, just during Normal regular Online Discuss and exchange of ideas, H.E Chief Edward Onoja said ” Phanisy, why not try to quest for more knowledge like a Masters or some advanced Qualifications? I answered, H.E I already have a Master’s degree. He said oh ok, am giving you a blank cheque. Search for an admission into Any Nigerian University for a Phd (Doctoral studies) and get back to me.

I was excited and the search began as I journeyed to all reputable private quality institution I had interest. I applied to three (3) and just while nursing the pains of my departed Dad who passed on during the yelitude, A consolation message entered my mail and upon checking it, it was an Admission letter from the prestigious ” *AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY* ” offering me admission into the school of Post-Graduate studies for a *PhD in Human Resources Management.*

I jumped in excitement and messaged H.E Chief Edward David Onoja about the good news and he responded Congrats.

And then I forwarded the Admission letter and the bills to H.E and Boss said Noted… Fear catch me as that language is usually Associated with 98 % “Talk & Fail Politiicians that I know.

Days after precisely some days ago, His Excellency Chatted me on Whatsapp and Asked for the total cost of the Doctoral studies which ran into millions and he affirmed his commitments towards the entire program.

His Excellency Approved the entire scholarship sum and Also went further to make provison for some considerate living cost.

The above testimony is with an exclusion of other helps and extension of gestures he has done for my family.

I will normally tell friends who have frequently Asked when is the government of H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello going to compensate you? I will normally tell them it’s in the hands of God.

The Recognition I have currently experienced is a bigger hands of God which is bigger than any political appointment that has a stipulated term.

I owe all this to God and His Excellency Chief Edward David Onoja, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State who has continue to Sharpen my skills, widening my horizon and capping it all with a PhD Scholarship.

I sincerely appreciate God and His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello (The excecutive Governor of Kogi State) under whose grace His Excellency Chief Edward David Onoja operates as a Deputy Governor for considering me amongst several kogites for this Scholarship and I shall continue to share in thier beliefs & Direction as they quest to provide purposeful leadership for kogites & Nigeria at large.

It’s indeed a one year Anniversary in office for a second term running.

Thank You H.E Chief Edward David Onoja, the Olimene Attah Igala.


Staunch Supporter of the New Direction Government,
Yagba-East LGA,
Kogi State,

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