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The Tale of a Rogue wearing the Garment of Saint




The conduct of the newly Elected Okene Local Government Chairman Mr Abdulrazaq Muhammad has been nothing short of a crude one born out of sheer ignorance. He has assumed the position of a power besotted fellow who thinks he can undermine the popular choice of the masses and that of the Governor of Kogi State.

The Governor His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello thought it wise to give women a chance in Governance at the Local Government level but it is obvious the elected Chairman Mr. Muhammad do not share in this Governor’s 35% affirmative action policy. He is making frantic efforts to suffocate the office of his vice, perhaps He wants the woman to relinquish the position to his wife or his preferred candidate.

Recently He appointed over 17 aides and special advisers, amongst which He single handedly appointed a special adviser on women affairs, a position he ought to consult the vice for suggestions and deliberation, all these he did without finding it worthy to carry the vice chairman along nor give her the opportunity to present one single candidate, often times he summons Local Government Executives meetings without informing the Vice Chairman. A common thing as Letter head paper doesn’t exist in the vice chairman’s office, one is forced to wonder if this mediocre treatment is what the Governor entrust Muhammad to carry out.

Mr Muhammad is gradually expressing his dissatisfaction towards having a woman as Deputy, we understand his wife used to serve as chairperson of the Local Government but now that a Deputy has been duly elected it is expected that a reasonable Person will embrace the new development and rule of law. We understand Left for Mr Muhammad, he would have love to see his wife serve as Deputy or his preferred candidate but Okene Local Government is not his ancestral inheritance and such primitive self centered machination cannot come to life.

Mr. Muhammad has on several occasion refer to the elected vice chairman as “Governors vice” while he has vowed not to recognize the duly elected vice chairman of Okene Local Government but what is expected of a honorable man would have been for him to turn down the offer when he was merged to run a single ticket with the vice chairman but a thief will always be a thief, A man who could barely afford three square meal in the past can now acquire mansions and flamboyant lifestyle. We shall leave this aspect for another day

We are watching keenly to see the end of this Local thief that keeps hiding under the guise of religion scholar to perpetuate evil and financial misconducts, the vice chairman is not interested in the millions of He circumvent every month to his personal pocket and that of his wife, you can keep stealing the money till the hands of the law catch up with you but allow the duly elected vice chairman perform her duties.

You can not be a chairman while you scheme to make the vice chairman irrelevant so that your wife can continue to preside over the affairs of women of Okene Local Government, you will have to provide which constitution authorize such crass monopoly.

Abdul Ozovehe
Writes from Lokoja

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