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What if we all be like Onogwu? – Onoja Integrity



By Onoja Integrity-Johnson

As Igalas, we are solid beings. We love to be respected and it’s no sin that pride ~if that is what it is~ flows in the veins of our souls. We love titles and we value our ages because it’s the bag of our experiences and the symbol of what we must have passed through surviving in each day we have lived.

Our nature was working for us and from generation to generation, history holds that we have always remained who we are – a great people – except in this generation that we have now imbibed greed, arrogance, violence and hard-hitting among ourselves.

Everyone tastes for glory. Everyone is hungry for power and everyone longs for titles. A bazaar that is bizarre.

But what if we all be like Onoguwu Galaticus? A new Igala breed who employs the native Chinese wisdom of art of war…a life model of being victorious without going to war. The art of knowing the strength of your weapon and also having the knowledge of your opponent if he can be destroyed with such a weapon.

Today, Onogwu’s image seems to be the fastest selling commodity on the shore of the confluence state and beyond. I have seen opposition vouch form and those around him corroborating in same manner.

Our fathers came with a saying, “what mildness could move, aggressiveness would not be able to shift it.” They won the war against premature death and lived happily till old age, then left having seen the emptiness of our world. This is the path the Chief Press Secretary to the governor is taking as a new Igala breed.

While ours is banter for banter, his is banter for silence. He cares not about the stones you throw. He moves ahead and watch you labour in vain in your act of stone throwing while he extends his strength on being the Onu-ogwu that he is.

When Galaticus is involved in a thing, everybody is somebody and only God is more than everybody. He wins onaggresively and safes the resources that would have been expended at the war front. What if we all be like Onogwu?

We have no jobs yet we fight those with the capacity to assist us. We throw words recklessly into the winds of social media without recourse to how far it could fly and the ages it could stay.

It isn’t about the money you have. It isn’t about today. It’s about your image. It’s about tomorrow. And at the end, it’s about you. So, what if we all be like Onogwu? A man who understands the weapon of humility and strikes with the sword of respect. A painless battle that gives victory.

Throw insults at him. He sees and ignore. If he would have to respond, his job would be left undone. He moves and allows his smile to piece and please your heart. What if we all be like him?

Age has become meaningless. Respect has been swallowed by the ocean of politics that is submerging our souls and communities. But what if we live like Onogwu?

Onogwu is a symbol of peace, new breed of our tribe and icon of meekness. What if we all be like him? We would have a peaceful nation. A people rooted in tolerance. A tribe with humble approach to life. A land that blossom without noise. A victorious people without war.

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