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New Nigeria: Time to build that bridge



Now that some children of Oduduwa want Fulani herders out of their South West Homeland;

And some among Ndigbo seek to make a new Republic out of their ancestral Heartland;

Now that many the Niger Deltans want 100% of the eggs from the golden goose on their land;

Even as the Terrorist/Bandit/Kidnapper has refused to let the Hausa, Kanuri, Berom, Tiv, Idoma, Buji and other northern brothers go to the farm or rear their cattles without looking over their shoulders.

Isn’t it time we build that bridge and close the divide?

Now that the Bishops are spitting fire and the Imams are giving ultimata;

With the women demanding equity/inclusion and the youths insisting they too, can run.

Why have we not built that bridge?

There is a clear sign over the Nigerian sky which signals that the Nigerian of all tribes and creed, especially the Youth, need to admit the truth…

Our country is being pulled apart at the edges and we must look now in the direction of the CENTRE to build a bridge over our troubled waters and close the divide.

It is time to stand in the middle and lock arms and form a common front -just as an epicentre, where the mighty Rivers Niger and Benue embraced themselves aeons ago and till today nothing could disperse or tear them apart.

There is a Centripetal force chosen to Unify all our parts and people to forge a NEW NIGERIA where we can truly say that ‘Though Tribes and Tongues May differ, In brotherhood we stand.’

The Centre is the soul of our land, that is where we must build that bridge now.

The New Nigeria Unifiers Movement calls, and there is no better time than now.

A New Nigeria Is Possible, let us make it happen.

Chairperson: Daniel Aminu Foundation
– “Humanity Beckons”

Writes from Jos, Plateau State.

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