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Kayanmata as a means of contraceptive – Dr Zema



By Dr Zema

Kayanmata as a means of contraceptive

Do you kown that majority of young people today in the northern region abuses contraceptive?
The highest state with the consumption of prostenor and other emergency contraceptive pills is in the north?
Because it is against the culture to get pregnant!
And people have sex in the secrets.

Most of the young girls abuses this product or other concussion without thinking about their health

Including local concussion made by some Kayanmata vendors

Prolonged use of contraceptive drugs, affects your reproductive circle

Such as irregular menstrual circle
Excessive bleeding
Spotting inbtween menstrual circle
Prolong or delay menstrual circle
Spontaneous abortion
Inability of a woman unable to Carry pregnancy till term

Can cause child’s defect
Can lead to early monopuse.
Can make your endometrial wall to shrink

Even can cause Hypertension diabetes
And affect your hormonal level cause hormonal in balance

Hips enlargement products can cause bone and tissue necrosis and
And causes skin cancer as well
Must especially pills can cause further damages by affecting your system

Breast enhancement products
Can give u breast lump
Abscess and cancer too

Please ladies do yourself good, by embracing yourself

If he is for you he will stay, you don’t have to go through unnecessary process and procedures.

Love is a natural gifts to humanity
Your health first

Some actually use things like kerosene, alum, potassium,  as a means of contraceptive, this is actually wrong practice and should be discouraged!

Dr Zema

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