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Arewa women setting their private parts on fire!



Kayanmata trend!

Definition – Kayanmata/maza also known as aphrodisiac are substances used to enhance sex life. Example: Toy tabletssoap cream etc and even contraceptive

Kayanmata is an old practice amongst Northern women in the early days but of late it is been abused by young Nigerians.

However, in recent times, Kayan Mata products have been abused, with some vendors mixing their products with other items to boost their effects which is highly dangerous to their well being!!

Statistics shows that North/men and women are the ones with high rate of urethro genital infections!
Due to harmful substances consumption and abuses of Kayanmata/maza

Of course it’s good for a man and woman to boost their sexual life but introducing harmful substances should be discouraged.

Majority of the northern women both married and un married tend to patronized vendors of Kayanmata/maza
It has taken a new dimension to the extent of

Calling men’s name inside bottles
Perfumes to attarect men to them to give them money
Soaps body cream, bracelet and waist beads that will make men addicted to them and likewise sex
Some use their menstruation or wash their private part to make soup or make dishes

We got others who practices do as I Say! More of incantation where whatever they say that’s what the man will do!

My question: After all this, Arewa has the most dysfunctional home and high rate of poverty with poor child care system and support!
High rate of divorced is even more rampant!

Well, due to cultural history and desperation for marriage, ladies do all kind of stuff to trap men using Voodoo/ Kayanmata
Let’s assume you succeed in capturing the man, how long do you intend to keep using this practice to keep the man?

It is good love finds you naturally. Thats the best gift you can ever imagine!

The amount of money our women invest in buying such product that will even end up giving them problem. It’s alarming!

How many women think of supporting their husband rather than taking from them?

Majority of our women set their private parts on fire!
And my question is why should a woman go through such trauma to keep a man?

I think it’s time for us to focus on good hygiene exercise and use things that we are familiar with.

A man who loves you will stay and whosoever Allah destined to be in your life will be in your life.

These evil practice need to stop because there is no difference with witchcraft Voodoo. We shouldn’t normalize it as Muslims or as Christians.

Have you ever thought about the negative effect on your health?

Using breast boosters or enhancer and inspecting some of this Kayanmata products can give both a man and a woman breast cancer, prostate cancer, bengin hyperplasia , CERVIX cancer and enlargement of the prostate.

Consumption of some this concussion can affect your health, causes damages to your kidney and liver, Hypertension, heart attack, stroke and weakens your immune system.

Women sitting on smoked fire, do you know that you have 50% chance of ending up with cancer?

Women, it’s good to please your husband but why go the extra mile?

Men as well,
Why putting your health at risk just to prove a point that you are a man, do you think about your health?

I mean a lot of things should be driven away from us in Arewa. Focusing on our morals values and character because that’s what is making our home to be so dysfunctional, not Sex, we have to wise up!

The money most women use to get involved in Kayanmata can be help start a business. Our mentality need to change for us to see progress.

Our grandparents and great – grand parents stayed in their husband’s house without going extra miles. Yet they raise their family and majority of them stayed in their husband’s houses.

Just imagine the wrong orientation some of our women have!
You rub things on yourselves to attract a man, get his money or make him sexually addicted to you.
That is not strength or wisdom because you are destroying and wasting the young men in our generation and even the women since your future children will learn from you.

I know some women naturally cooked their children for men, most especially when they want to get married. Some of them are virgins, some are not and for the fact that Arewa men love virgins, some of the women will pretend to be one. These days people practice virginity frauds just to prove a point..

Some of these products end up destroying the walls of your reproductive organs; causing dryness, pain during intercourse, bleeding during or after intercourse and sometimes recurrence of these infections.

I believe you can keep your man and husband with the right attitude and personal hygiene. Add value to our worth, it will be great!

If youre using all these things to get money from a man or to make him glued to you, how are you helping the society or the man? Seriously, if you are practicing this and you think it is love, it’s not!
Maybe we need to redefined love in our community!

Due to the high demands of this market, readily available for both professionals and unprofessional, I admonish certified medical physicians and licensed body like
NAFDAC should please put this in check and under regulation. The people selling it should be licensed, trained and certified.

There is no way Kayanmata will make our society better. It will only make it worst!

We should focus on values and morals and any reasonable man will stay.

For the men that also drink and use all stuff, remember that the side effects. You are not also exempted from this. No man in his right sense and who thinks more about his future will be thinking of sex 24 /7
It is laziness that will keep a man thinking about that.

Before you do anything ask yourself,
Is it worth it?
Do you need it?
And do you want it?

Let’s not normalize bad cultural practices. The society suffers.

©️ Dr Zainab Suleiman

Copyright ©️ 2020 CableNews.

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