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“Those who have and share with the downtrodden are superhumans! And Don Pablo is a superhuman” – Haruspice



Opinion: By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

Ploughing Pablo…

How this guy chose to replicate himself in others baffles me, at a time, folks in his age are solely defined in self-preservation, this guy is out there touching lives, giving succour to the deprived, clearing paths to hard to reach terrain and giving helpline to the poor and vulnerable.

I have not met him neither have I spoken to him but his large heart which is manifest in the lives of the poor has attracted my appreciative antenna and typically of me, I am here in ululation and praises for him.


Young, resourceful and generous is Ocholi Okpanachi Yusuf CIK aka Don Pablo, a scion of the rich Igala ancestral empire. He exudes power but in meekness, he commands attention but in humility. Soft-spoken, well dressed and God-fearing, in his strides, are traceable manifestations in the lives of people. A heart that provides water for the thirsty and clears path for hard to reach enclave is a man in the image of God, and it behoves in the minds of right-thinking members of the universe to rise in appreciation of such enigma. Those who have and not give to others are also humans but those who have and share with the downtrodden are superhumans! And Don Pablo is a superhuman in reference. And he is my man of the week.

Impressively musing

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