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In life, you don’t need a crown to be a King – by Haruspice



Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice


By Abdullahi Haruspice

One thing I don’t do is to mock the aspirations of others, we are created differently with a different purpose. Those who sit idle and tabulate who fits certain positions in life are usually the ones perpetually angry with the system. While those they Xray moves up the ladder of life , they remain stagnant in perpetuity.

I remember in my university days when I dared to run as faculty-student president, the first person I shared the idea with bluntly told me ,’ Guy, perish that thought, you can’t win’. He was right with his fear given the reality of the political equation in the faculty. The faculty was populated by two departments; political science and economic departments, they controlled the largest in numbers and therefore wielded political strengths. No one wins the faculty election unless you are from these departments. So it was their birthright until I ventured into what seemed a suicide adventure.

To make matter worst, I came from one of the disadvantaged departments in terms of population, mass communication was originally tagged ‘Women’ department where political participation was low. So, my friend was right in his fears but I was right in my dream. Alone, I forged ahead with my aspirations going through one of the excruciating political campaigns. By the time the dust had settled, Haruspice from the women department had emerged the first mass comm student to emerge ABU Zaria Faculty of Social Sciences Students’ President! With my obvious political disadvantaged, I pushed my dream and woke up with my reality. I dared the impossible.

When the call for the Mandela Washington Fellowship was made, I dared to give it a try, as usual, some people feared more for me , that getting that fellowship was usually with connection. I doubted their pessimism and believed my dream. I used an excruciating time of 20 hours sitting down to fill my application. By the time I finished, I could barely walk on my legs as the blood in my veins had coagulated. When the selection was made, Haruspice, from the small entity called Imane with no connection of favour sits atop the 100 young Nigerians selected out of a million applicants who put in for the program. Again, I followed my dream to dare the impossible!

On a lighter note, while everyone feared to approach the daughter of our Islamiya teacher because of his tough stance, I dared the odd and followed my dream. Today, the lady is my wife!????

Now to the crux of the matter, most people see themselves as not fit for the good things of life. They see certain positions as the birthright of others and never theirs. They are very vocal in deciding the fate of others but very timid in talking about their dreams. They see themselves as the most vocal and intelligent but always afraid to try new aspirations. They are the first to see the impossibility of one’s dream, they have 101 reasons why things can’t work and can give very empirical reasons. Psychologists called them laggards, they never see possibilities of anything, they are more home with the status quo. They get angry when anyone tries to shape or shake the table, to them, life should be lived in their defeatest realm.

When Governor Yahaya Bello mouthed the idea of running for the lugard house, he was laughed at, today, he isn’t just the governor of Kogi but taking a shot at the highest office. And I dare to ask, why are people afraid to dream? Now, lets even look further at the audacious life trajectory of this man. He comes from a disadvantaged place, dared to run against formidable forces, boom, he got what he dreamt of. This time, the man is daring the odds, guess what? Those who are perpetually tied to self-limitations are in deadly doubts. They think Bello is mad for daring to vie for the office of the president!

In life, you don’t need a crown to be a king, all you need is the heart of a king. He wants to achieve must unite his determination to his vision and his vision to his dreams. The power to create a means is an end itself. Achievers don’t wait for opportunities, they create their own opportunities. Life is a process in time and success is a choice in trying, instead of waiting for time, creat your time. Begrudge not those who dream, for, from their dreams, they form realities.

Dare to dream my people, extricate yourself from the captivity of doubt, like Yahaya Bello, you too can be president. Frankly musing


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