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Pharm. Abdulkareem Asuku : The bridge builder



Pharm Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu

By Oladele John Nihi
November 23, 2020

Let me start with the quotes of Suzy Kassem “Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance” and the quote of Itayi Garande “The wise always build bridges in times of crisis, the foolish dig in and double down on building walls”.

No doubt, Pharmacist Abdulkereem Asuku the chief of staff to Governor Yahaya Bello possesses the qualities of a BRIDGE BUILDER in all ramifications and I must say, I owe him for making my meeting and subsequent realignment with His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, Executive Governor of Kogi State today possible.

If you are to put appointees of Kogi State on a scale of 100%, no doubt over 80% of them are Youths and Pharmacist Asuku is one of that over 80% young, Intelligent, focus, loyal and honest Youths His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello appointed into his Government.

Nigeria youths is estimated to be over 75Million making it over 55% of the total Nigerian population. Over 57Million of this youths are on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. statistics has shown that about 90% of the voting population since Nigerians return to democracy in 1999 are women and youths with youths taking about 50%. This has made Nigerian youths the most valuable asset of our country.

This is why as Youths, we must all come together, take our destinies in our hands and rally our support come 2023 for Alhaji Yahaya Bello for President of our dear country. Today, Kogi State government is dominated by young men and women because the Governor is a Youth.

If you are tired of having same set of people leading our country even before our generation were born lead us again, it’s time to stop complaining on social media, get registered, support and get ready to vote Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the youngest governor in Nigeria as President.

As a youth leader myself and Honourable Commissioner for Youth Political Participation, Pan-African Youth Union (PYU), I shall be leading this youth movement and I encourage you to join the train as we are set to move.

Alhaji Yahaya Bello did it in Kogi State with over 80% appointment for young people, no doubt he will do it and even more as President of Nigeria.

Oladele John Nihi
Honourable Commissioner
Youth Political Participation
Pan-African Youth Union (PYU)

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