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2 years on: “Yusuf had a thing money cannot buy, he gave us truth we can lean on” – James Omeiza 



Late Yusuf Adabenegeh

By James Omeiza

I was at Deenos Communication (Kabba Junction) two years ago, when one of our treasured customers showed up, and was looking worried, quite unlike him. He did not talk, neither did we, moments passed, and everywhere seemed gloomy…. The environment seemed to agree with his mood, The Buzz of Kabba junction was almost gone, business owners at the other end were already locking up at 6:30pm (ordinarily, that’s when business ‘starts’ in the area)….. There was an unusual solitude, so sudden that it inspired fear… What’s happening, I pondered.

Then our customer broke the silence, ‘Yusuf is Dead’ (just about 4 days to his annual outing!!) … ‘He was shot on his way to a function’……. What has Yusuf got to do with being shot??? It just didn’t make sense…I thought.. ‘Yusuf’ and ‘shot’ .. Like how does the words stay in same sentence, how does ‘Yusuf’ and ‘Shot’ co-habit. Well, I had wished it was just rumor, then moments passed, and the words didn’t only co-habited, the words ascended ladder of barbarism…. For Yusuf was not only shot, he was murdered in the most barbaric manner. Too inhumane for the Humanity Mr. Yusuf commands and inspire.

The news was everywhere, carrying despair along… Leaving everyone with goodwill heartbroken, some were hospitalized, as they could not contain the shock…. I heard some even died.

Everybody shared in the grief, it was our loss.
I was not really a fan of Yusuf at the time. However, I became amazed at his charisma and the influence he had.. I went on to inquire about his affluence, he did not have it all.
But he has a message, a message that hits and humble you irrespective of your belief/faith. When you listen to Mr. Yusuf, you will get to understand that, we are not equal.

Yusuf had a thing money CANNOT buy, and he did not only gave out freely, he was Generous. He gave us truth we can lean on.

They thought they killed Yusuf, but Yusuf lives on.
We still dance to ‘Yusuf’, We still refer ‘Yusuf’ to settle disputes, we still learn from Yusuf’s, Yusuf still speaks to us, Yusuf is still in the street, singing; preaching love, preaching tolerance and preaching peace…
I thought of him, and I concluded that there people you can’t kill.
Would there have been a better way to live??

May his tireless wish for Ebiraland come to fruition.
God bless everyone promoting unity… Yusuf did, and did it from a place of conviction.

May God rest his soul, forgive his shortcomings, and bless his immediate Family.
Irema’n ovoiza. (Oseeee)

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