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A Change For Betterment As Mrs. Bilkisu Aliyu Heeds To The Clarion Call to Serve




Nothing more surely cultivates and embellish a society than associating with refined and virtuous women


Mrs BILKISU ALIYU is A Virtuous woman whose integrity cannot be bought with any currency, her price is above ” *rubies*” she is an embodiment of glory and light , she radiates beauty and honour and she is very hard-working.

A renowned retired teacher with high integrity and standard. A potpourri of character and charisma entwined in candour with a special knack for community and humanitarian services. She hails from *Obehira uvete* and she is an astute reformer.

Her aim to delve into societal politics is due to her grassroot connections and understanding coupled with the yearnings of her people as she is believed to bring sucor and dividend of democracy to the common man. *There will never be complete equality and meaningful development until women of substances help to make laws and assist in governance* on this singular honour she is ready to serve altruistically for the betterment of okene II constituency in tanderm with the vision of his Excellency governor *Yahaya Bello* to involve women in societal development.

A good woman is a pride of the house, and behind a successful nation are women whose vision, foresight and virtue is glaring and untainted. These we find in Mrs BILKISU ALIYU

Comrade Joseph OZOVEHE BARNABAS writes from NYCN.

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