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As Atiku And Ribadu’s Children Exchange Marital Vows: What We Must Understand As Youths 



As Atiku And Ribadu’s Children Exchange Marital Vows: What We Must Understand As Youths

Kwankwaso, Tinubu, Bisi Akande and others, present as Atiku of PDP Son takes Daughter of APC Cheiftain Nuhu Ribadu’s as Wife.

So, tell me; have you settled your differences with that your neighbour whose interest differs with yours in the last general election?

The rich dinnig together regardless of political differences is something that happens always but we choose to be blind to it as youths…

Many persons are in open enemity and secret/unhealthy competitions with each other because of political differences as a result of elections that neither they nor their family members are even candidates in, but as mere supporters; undelegated and unsolicited supporters for that matter.

Friends, family members insult themselves openly especially on social media because they feel that is the only way to get attention from the managers and heavy players of their various camps; forgetting that even when push comes to shove, only few of these highly placed men who are in politics or government are ready to compromise their sleep to listen to the complaints of those who went through hell to see them emerge, not to even talk of the masses.

The message may not be appreciated at every time told, but we will keep on passing it to avoid anyone banking on ignorance of any sort to risk his life to save that of men who will not offer more than condolence visits to their family members should they die in the process of politicking.

It is believed that those who are privileged to go to school will help to transmit values of the modern day reality to those in the rural areas who for years may not even be avail to information with regards to how their elected representatives are handling matters in Abuja or the various state capitals; but sadly, the youths and considered educated ones amongst us are the people through whom the politicians perfect their evil plans; by sending them down to their various villages and communities to tell their people lies and make all manners of unrealistic promises.

The youths should not only be useful in thuggery, or canvassing for votes as they brand it; we should equally be sensitive enough and have the fear of God not to deny our community people the Truth!

But NO! Once it is few months to elections, they are given branded Vehicles and print T-shirts for them to pretend like is all well; whereas, they always have to even beg to get money to fuel the same vehicles, and to eat so that the T-shirts won’t look like an over size on them.

We are all in one way or the other guilty; but we must keep reminding ourselves that, the old will continue to rule so as long as they are matured enough to marry their children to each other regardless of Political, Tribal and even sometimes Religious differences, while the young and poor keeps fighting over nothing meaningful.

Today in Kogi for instance, those who are tagged DATA BOYS are mourning as proven by body language and indirect expression of dissatisfaction because appointments that those at the helm of affairs even consider as left overs to give to the real youths constituency are given to those who hardly insult or engage in banter with people who differ with them in opinion; LABOUR DOES THE WORK, BUT INTELLECT AND IDEAS DECIDES THE REWARD.

We know the truth, but we always try to twist it to make it seems appealing. But the thing with Reality is that; it is either you face it, or it faces you.

And again, those who are in their 40’s will come in the name of Youths engagement in politics and governance to deceive the young, and once they get power, the ‘youth thing’ becomes an Undeniable Scam…

At the conclusion of Kogi Governorship election in November 16 2019, i wrote that ‘elections have come and gone, but records are kept and lessons learnt’, but those who felt they have seen it all bounced on me with mockery, just because amongst other issues i kicked aside tribal differences to stand by what i believed in….

Today as i speak, i may not own a car, a house of my own, or wearing expensive cloths, but i am satisfied knowing well that i stood firm in what i believed in, bearing in mind that either ways at the poll, i am justified. And so are some others.

In fairness to all, i am also aware that there are those who are justified in the decisions they made at the time, but records in recent time has shown that many were only interested in financial gratification or fame…

The truth is that, those who have the power are not willing to give it or share it with those who knows its value.

Here we are today, Top and most Government functionaries visits Abuja that is two hours drive from Lokoja compared to their various villages within the state just to go and take rest. What this informs is that, they are running away from responsibilities, and to avoid being seen by their constituents at all times, so that they can always look new and have different stories to tell each time polls calls.

We all don’t have the same goal, believe and targets for life, but the need to tolerate one another is because there will always be a GANAJA JUNCTION.

I hope that the coming days won’t present before us more misfortunes than we have seen already and should learn from.


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