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Between An Ingrate Son And An Overbearing Father



Oshiomole & Obaseki

BY ABDULLAHIO.Haruna (Haruspice)

Nothing wrecks a man than obstinate push for vengeance, the desire to have your pound of flesh is an open embrace to your end, that way, your imminent waterloo is assured. Even the scriptures admonished us into leaving vengeance to God. In African Night Entertainment, a book authored by late cerebral word lord, Cyprian Ekwensi, we saw how the quest for vengeance wrecked the promising life of Abubakar, the protagonist of the storyline. He was cheated of his heartthrob and went wide and wild in search of revenge- he got his revenge but at the expense of his life. Thus summarising the maxim that no human revenge is enough without God’s approval. Karma was created in place of human revenge, take your revenge in your hands and suffer collateral damage.

Adams Oshiomohole, ousted Chairman of the All Progressives Congress played god when he went after his godson Godwin Obaseki. All entreaties for the labour strongman to shield his sword and leave posterity to handle an ingrate godson fell on deaf ears. He was ready to crush the man to all end- he failed to leave vengeance to God who is a perfect leveller for all ingrates. Adams was on a high horse throttling in vengeful desire, nothing was said could stop him. It was a fight to finish. He got the man humiliated out of the party, we saw Obaseki panting and drolling in mucus, he was begging to breathe but his man won’t even allow him that. For his time had come and Adams was battle-ready to end his treachery. Beaten was Obaseki, so battered was he that he was even stopped from crying.

Respite, however, lurked around waiting for him in refuge, you can’t be denied everything in life at the same time, the Peoples Democratic Party became his resort as they welcome him in convivial embrace- even though the embrace wasn’t free! Overnight, Godwin Obaseki transmutted from an ‘outcaste’ to a subject and the reverence that comes with freeborn became his. He was ready for the Edo polls come September 2020. Something dramatic however happened, the table Oshiomhole was standing cracked -before you say, Jack, it shattered, leaving Adams dwarfed by the triumph of Obaseki the man he wanted crushed at all means. While Obaseki became the darling of the PDP, Oshiomhole is now in the rain. Tragically, Oshiomhole won’t be on the podium canvassing for votes for Pastor Iya Izamo, again, it’s a God-win for Obaseki! There is a limit to how you play god over fellow mortals.

Away from the hubris of a godfather and his ingrate godson, was Oshiomhole the best that ever happened to the APC? Yes and no! On the yes part, he brought impetus to party affairs, he dared those who felt untouchable. He retired into political oblivion all those who dared party supremacy. He ended the reigns of Mr Bukola Saraki, Yakubu Dogara, Shehu Sani, Dino Melaye, Misua, Musa Rabiu Kwankwaso and a host of others who walked out of the party.

Tragically, Adams ‘s reign witnessed the decimation of the APC stronghold – from a comfortable grip of 23 states, the party was depleted to a fragile lead of 19 states in less than four years. It is a tragic reality that has weakened the ruling party. A good manager would have done everything to halt this descend but alas, Adams was more interested in Edo! The Edo he wanted a sustained rule has not only slipped out of his hands but totally out of the party to the main opposition PDP! What a voyage, dashing your strongholds on the needless battle of ego.

Not all fights must be fought, and not all fight must be won, Adams took up so many fights at the same time and expected victories. You don’t always win the race of life, sometimes, concede defeat not out of cowardice but in submission to the supremacy of God who holds the ace of life. Today, oshiomohole is out and Godwin Obaseki the ingrate man who bites the finger that fed him is still in the race of relevance. Indeed, vengeance is for God, alone!

Vengefully musing

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