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United States Ban And The Courage Of A Governor



Gov Yahaya Bello

– Opinion

The electoral scuffles and external interference in the electoral process in Nigeria seems not to have an end any time soon. This calls for a great concern and eternal vigilance. One of the worst things to have happened to any nation is to sit back while her sovereignty is trifled with and wantonly assaulted by the external forces.

It is sad to maintain that Nigeria as a nation is painfully bereaved of a potent and virile foreign policy. I have often canvass a point that the working of foreign policy is alien to Nigeria. Nigeria being a giant of Africa is not taking this advantage at the international center to wrought its benefits to the people of Nigeria and the African continent. This is one the reasons Nigeria is taken for granted at the international scene and more often than not, Nigeria appears like a sterile spectator rather than an active international actor or player.

There is no gainsay that electoral process in any democratic nation is regarded as a sacred and important process. This is because whatever have the ability to interfere in the electoral process will have the ability to determine the destiny of the nation. This is one of the reasons the electoral process and its outcome cannot and should not be treated with anything that looks like disdain.

The allegation that Russian government interfered in the 2016 United States Presidential election led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. This has brought a great stain on the integrity of American democracy and electoral process. This American democracy was birthed more than 200 years ago and as it is today, the Americans are still up with their sleeves fighting for the soul of their democracy and the integrity of their electoral process.

The United States of America raised so much ado about electoral process around the world not sparing any nation they considered to have mismanaged its electoral process.

– Barr. Shadrach Emmanuel

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