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You Acted Like A Gangster; NUJ Slams Fani Kayode



Fani Kayode

A journalist simply asked him a question at a press conference in Calabar, Cross River State about his recent trips. Whether he’s being sponsored and Fani-Kayode descended on the Journalist shortly after.

“I could see from your face before you got here, how stupid you are. Don’t ever talk to me like that. Who do you think you’re talking to. Bankroll who? You think I am one of those ones you… from who, when, how? You have a small mind, very small mind. Don’t judge me by your own standards,” he had said.

While reacting to the incident, the NUJ president, said Fani-Kayode had no right to attack the reporter in his line of duty.

He said the action of the ex-minister exposed him as an intolerant and unstable person who will not want his activities closely scrutinised by the media.

Isiguzo said it is disappointing that Fani-Kayode, who hold leaders to account, is the same person attacking a journalist for doing his job.

“By denigrating the journalist, FFK has exposed himself the more as an intolerant and unstable person who will not want his activities closely scrutinised by the Media,” the statement read.

“It is instructive to remind the likes of Fani Kayode that it is the Constitutional right of Journalists to monitor and keep a check on people and institutions in power.

“By delving into politics and holding political office, Fani Kayode is very conversant with the watchdog role of the media. For him to have embarked on assessment of projects in some states, even though we are yet to be told under what platform, he is doing so, it is proper for the media to hold him to account for his actions and decisions.

“His reaction was totally unacceptable and we demand for retraction of his irritating and awkward utterances which negate simple decorum and civility.

“We are more shocked that the same Kayode who had in recent times, used his social media handles to call leaders to account is at the same time attacking a Journalist for a simple demand for him to unmask those behind his nationwide tour. He had already visited six states. This is indeed, terribly disappointing.”


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