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But… FFK Has No Veritable Source Of Income | CableNews




By Mallam Allee Ameen

It is quite easy to discern that FFK has no known veritable source of income except from political patronage (read begging) from those he refers to as “friends” in power.

This recent tour of PDP states in the guise of inspecting projects is nothing more than the usual bowl-in-hand scavenging tactics of lazy nigerian washed out elites like himself.

The question asked by the journalist irked FFK not for it’s tone or construct, but for the mere fact that it suggested how financially battered he might actually be considering his been out of government for years without an established link to any legitimate business. In other words, the question queried the poverty masked under the arrogant facade of elitism.

And for an egomaniac like FFK and many others as himself, he would rather keep up the facade of being rich, than be called or even subtly considered POOR.

Sadly, he is not only poor financially, but also poor in morals, character, principles and values.

What a poor soul!

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