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Kogi Guber: CJN Knocks PDP Lawyer, Okutepa SAN



Justice Ibrahim Tanko & Okutepa SAN

The Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Ibrahim Tanko has chided the PDP lawyer in today’s hearing at the Supreme Court, over the Kogi State election, the Chief Justice descended on the legal luminary for his incompetency and manner with which he made his presentation at the court.

● “we have watched you over the years and it seems that you have not learnt anything. Your brief filed is not paragraphed, and not drafted with elegance, more like you were not taught in School how to do autography.

“If this was academic circle and you write like this, i will tear it to your face”.

● “In essence, with the records before us, do you want to continue with your issues 2 and 3 when PW19 has on his own evidence admitted that he is not qualified”?

Mr Okutepa was confused, he hesitated and so Justice Ngwuta said he should not worry.

CJN said in respect of Okutepa’s Brief.

“If this is an examination and you submit this brief, you will fail!”. Justice Tanko said.

The Supreme Court has adjourned the judgment of the appeal by the People’s Democratic Party. PDP’s Engr. Musa Wada is the main challenger the Kogi State’s election appeal at the Supreme Court with the allegation of multiple thumb printing and results falsification.
The hearing has been heard and adjourned to 31/8/2020

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