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President Trump & Governor Yahaya Bello


By Edward Onoja (CIK)

Eagles are the only birds that love the storm. They see potential and profit in what often spells death and destruction to other birds.

While other birds flee from the storm and try to hide from its fierceness, eagles instinctively fly into it. In the midst of all that turbulence they search for the updraft – the wind called the wing of the storm and they ride it to soar faster and higher than they ever could under their own power.

In just seconds, aided by the elemental forces of nature unleashed by the storm, they will rise above the storm clouds, placing the lightning, thunder and rain far below them.

Safe above the storms of life, the eagle can stop using its own physical strength to fly and start gliding by the pressure of the storm. They are above, conserving energy, enjoying the sunlight and the beautiful horizons while everything below is getting drenched and battered in the raging storm.

The Eagle is able to do this because God created them with a unique ability to lock their wings in a fixed position in the midst of even the fiercest storm winds. Leaders have to learn to lock their will under challenges and strive for a better place for themselves and the led.

The challenges a leader faces are too many and too diverse to list, but the leader’s calling demands that we weather the storm, not just for our sakes, but for the welfare of the people we lead.

Storms should cause the leader to rise to greater heights. People who sink beneath the squalls of office should not be leaders.

To use storms to advantage, leaders have to become like the Eagle in thought and action. They must know and do the following:

~ They must accept that storms will come. It is inescapable.
~ They must know there is a better place beyond the storm. Knowledge hones your cutting-edge.
~ They must be prepared ahead of time for the stormy days ahead. Sharp physical, mental, tactical, social, political, economic and overall health are your best assets against the inevitable days of turbulence.
~ They must fight to rise against the storm when it arrives until they have found the regions of rest above it. People are depending on you and you cannot give up or afford to fail, ever.

The leader can only rise to greater heights if he or she takes up the challenges of leadership head-on and develop a tendency to win through perseverance.

Attaining the heart of the Eagle and mastering its storm riding skills is probably the most important leadership characteristic of all and it comes highly recommended to all leaders. Both skill have to be learnt – through study, but more critically through mentoring.

I have been a lifelong understudy of many historic Eagle leaders including Mandela and Buhari. My boss, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and the current American President, Donald Trump are leaders who have had more than their fair share of natural, and an excess of man-made, storms in leadership.

Almost on a daily basis I watch them go from storm to storm without loss of heart, health or humanity. They have developed their own, often controversial, styles and can take wing at a moment’s notice. I have never seen them defeated. Even when the storms are at their fiercest, you find them working their wings to rise above and soar beyond. I have also noticed that providence has a way of turning up for them when it seems all is lost. When I grow up, I want to be like them!

Emerging leaders learn the Art and Science of using storms to your advantage. Once you ride through storms you will be on turbo for greater heights. You are built for the STORMs! Embrace it.

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